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About us

Bob is the founder of GigaHertz. During his career in RF design, he worked for Honeywell Information Systems, EMCEE Broadcast Products, Harris Corp. and RCA Broadcast Division. In 1982 he and two other RCA staff members founded ITS Corporation, which was acquired by ADC Telecommunications in 1996. He was also Chairman of Axcera, LLC from 2005 until 2007. His technical papers have been published extensively and they include chapters in three editions of the NAB Engineering Handbook. He holds two patents for transmitter components and for several years he was an Adjunct Professor of Electrical Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University. Call Bob anytime to discuss your custom RF system needs.
Bob Spak is the firm’s Certified Calibration Technician. In that capacity, Bob services the analog and RF test gear of firms doing high frequency design and manufacturing. He previously worked for Axcera as an Engineering Technician and before that for Compunetics, manufacturing printed circuit boards. He is the trustee of the company Amateur Radio Club Station, K3ITS, and a former professional musician.Bob is the right contact person if you want to have a piece of RF gear or any analog electronics equipment calibrated or repaired and he can be reached at or our phone number. He also manages our extensive inventory of RF components so let him know what you need and Bob will try to solve your problem.